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This is the generic shortcode template.

Shortcodes might be better referred to as "icon links"

A shortcode is a way to insert a link to a page quickly which includes an icon. Possibly even showing just the icon with no text.

Shortcodes must link to existing pages

Create a new shortcode automatically

In order to create a new shortcode, please use the form below

Page Name:
Icon File Name: (you need to include the file extension .png)

Create a new shortcode manually

First create a new template page with the same name as the page you want to link to.

{{Shortcode|IconFileName.png|Page Name|{{{1}}}}}

But replace the IconFileName.png with the correct image file name and replace Page Name with the name of the page it should link to.

In general, the name of the template page must match the name of the page it links to, but if you absolutely need a shortcode with a different name than the page you want it to link to, aliases can be created to make that happen. Please ask khag if you want an alias.

List of existing shortcodes